What we do

If you are new to Route 66 Aviation, we warmly welcome you! Given the time, effort and expense each of you are willing to invest with us, we do not think in terms of “students” or “renters” but as new family members in our business and the aviation community. Now that you are family, you may want to know what we believe. The tremendous growth we are experiencing has its roots in our faith. From the concept stages of Route 66 Aviation, we made a commitment to make God the Senior Partner. We believe that the Earth and everything in it belongs to Him, and we are stewards of the students, instructors, aircraft, and finances. If we make a mistake, we quickly work to make it right and pray for wisdom to learn from it. Likewise, we give Him credit for all successes. His Goodness and Love never fail. We also pray for the success and safety of each instructor and student we meet. If life has you troubled, discouraged, or you need answers, we invite you to look to Him for God Loves You!  John 3:16