Getting Started

Route 66 Private Pilot Kit

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook
FAA Pilot Handbood of Aeronautical Knowledge
Cessna 172 Owner's Manual
Cessna 172 Spin Characteristics
Incident Accident Information

GPS Trainer & Manuals

Garmin 430W GPS Trainer
Garmin 430W User Guide
Garmin 430W Quick Reference Guide



Aviation Medical Examiners:

While you do not need a flight physical to start flying initially, you may want to consult with one if you have any medical issues or concerns. Locally, we have 3 AME’s that can schedule you with an appointment. Prior to the appointment, ask your instructor to help you get registered in the FAA online medical database (you will need that form before your visit).

Hickman, Prentice MD
4139 West 34th St
Amarillo, Tx 79109
(806) 355-8221

Hickman, Thomas MD
2001 4th Avenue
Canyon, Tx 79015
(806) 655-1191

Flight training supplies:

You do not need to purchase a headset as we will gladly provide one to use. However, some students prefer to purchase one for personal use. There are a multitude of headset manufacturers to choose from and they come in various colors with a wide selection of features:
ANR-Active noise reduction: a feature that eliminates a lot of the interior noise.
Bluetooth: a feature that allows you to couple your smart phone to the headset for emergency calls or streaming music. (Highly recommended that cell calls used ONLY in emergencies for safety reasons due to the possibility of distraction)
Gel-filled ear seals: an inexpensive option that increases comfort for the student.

Some of the major headset manufacturers are:

Amarillo has a local headset manufacturer, Headsets Inc. (806) 358-6336. They can make you a custom headset with many options. Just call Richard with any questions.

Ground Study:
We offer one on one instruction, weekly ground school class or self-paced curriculum. We recommend the Cessna King "Cleared for Takeoff" Private Pilot Kit. Our students receive free additional courses when purchased through Jon Semancik at 800-854-1001 ext 136.

And yes… is my professional opinion that it should be mandatory that anyone wanting to be a pilot take a John and Martha King course! It is an experience like no other!! (Humor Implied)

There are also a multitude of other items, like kneeboards, timers, logbooks, cool-guy sunglasses and large multi-function watches, that you will be encouraged to buy.
KISS-keep it silly simple-Ask your instructor what you really need to get started.

Something Free!

With some research on the internet, you can save substantial money on most aviation supplies which you can use for flying!
Feel free to call us anytime if you need any help and look forward in getting to know you!

Payment Options:

We at Route 66 Aviation realize the investment it takes to learn to fly and desire to make it as affordable as possible. After much research, we decided to make and adopt various payment options so each student can choose the option that best works for them.

OPTION 1: “Pay as you go”
We will send an invoice by email to you at the end of each week. Payment can be made by cash, check, or we can process payment by credit/debit card. Additionally, we can store credit card, debit card, or bank draft information on file and process it automatically.

OPTION 2: “Block Time Purchase”
You can purchase aircraft rental time in blocks and receive a discount on the hourly rate depending on the hours purchased.
Normal rates apply from 1 to 25 hours
Discounted rates occur after the 25 hour amount.

AVIATION INFORMATION: (online training classes, legal and medical assistance, and flight planning) (rules, policies, as well as a great deal of info about aviation) (online training, local seminar notifications, and WINGS program) (real time tracking of aircraft by registration number) (experimental aviation community with great articles)
Pilot Training Schools in Texas -



My E6B
TAFS and METARS Utilities
Flight Risk Evaluator
Air Safety Institute
Dauntless Test Prep
Free FAR/AIM download (comes in handy for quick reference)